Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mercedes-Benz AMG - Guangzhou

Adam Lambert performed Whataya Want From Me?, Naked Love and Trespassing for this corporate event in China:

Download official video with repaired audio & artwork mp4 - 46.27MB
Alternative download link


  1. Thank you for updating. Lambosessed. Can say enough how much I love your blog.

    This official video is much better than the previous online streaming ones. The venue is not professional enough for him. Sound issues and unresponsive engineer, not to mention that dry feed I hate. The sound issues messed him up while singing the bridge in Trespassing performance. He recovered good though. It's also good to hear him singing the original version of WWFM again (although not the best performance of the song). It's been more than 2 years since last time he performed it on TVs in 2010. Good memories.

    Thanks again. & Happy Thanksgiving!