No opinions, no gossip, no padding, no bullshit.

This is a blog where Adam Lambert's performances alone make all the necessary statements.

It is meant as an objective reference and a neutral environment for potential fans to check out Adam Lambert's body of work without being put off by ardent fan (and anti-fan) behaviour. As a result, comments will be tightly moderated. Those of a technical nature are welcomed but for existing fans who wish to express their enthusiasm through emotional responses, please visit my companion blog. To help you find performances, please use the Index, search bar and tags.

This site contains all publicly available recordings of live performances that Adam Lambert has given throughout his years as a singer and entertainer in chronological order. For each performance there is a brief background description. Dates given are either broadcast dates or performance dates. Where there is no accurate information regarding the dates and locations, estimates have been made using available sources. Should you find any errors or missing data, please leave a comment below.

For now, sit back, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the show. From someone who's already inside, this rabbit hole runs very very deep.


  1. I have to hand it to you, lambosessed. This is a brilliant archive for all of Adam's performances. Bravo! Thanks for putting this together.


  2. Thank you for all the time, effort and love you put into this.
    Much appreciated.

  3. Just found your site. Thanks for putting together one where Adam's music speaks for itself. Am enjoying his earlier work especially.
    A Canadian fan Marilyn

  4. Thank you to whoever you are that is gifting us with the talent that is Adam Lambert. I appreciate being able to come here, turn on a show, and escape the realities of my life for a bit.